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    The Aperture Project is to create understanding, identify connections and build relationships among young people from varying backgrounds in life.

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The Aperture Project


new skills; broadening their world view.



their world through the lens of a camera.



differences and connect through common experiences.



through exhibitions, galleries & publications.

Teach | Explore | Celebrate | Engage

  • Teach young people traditional and modern photography techniques; affording them the opportunity to express themselves creatively while exploring their lives through the lens of the camera and the printed word.
  • Encourage youth to explore their cultural and experiential similarities between themselves and other young people through the exchange of their art; focusing on personal expression and utilizing various mediums of communication.
  • Create an atmosphere in which our students can celebrate cultural differences and origins; widening their worldview, having their voices be heard and realizing their ideas and opinions matter.
  • Engage communities through public exhibitions, online galleries and publications using these media to raise awareness and funds for scholarships and vocational training opportunities.