Written by Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Twitter for Good is a concise, straightforward guide as to how non-profits and social ventures can use Twitter in their social media campaigns by following her TWEET framework.
by Tom Rooney

I am essentially a Twitter newbie. I honestly didn’t get the phenomenon and filed it in my mind as place consisting of mostly narcissistic, blathering posts like “OMG! In line at @starbucks getting my mocha-frappa-cappucino latte and this girl is wearing the worst shoes #pukeinmymouth.” However it became pretty clear to me that it was not going to go the way of Myspace anytime soon.

So I headed to the book store, determined I was going to pick up one of those dummies books because obviously I was a dummy for not getting into Twitter.  Seriously. As I was I was searching for that ever so familiar black and yellow binding, my attention was suddenly drawn to this bright blue and orange book called “Twitter for Good.” And while I mused that the only thing more interesting would be a book entitled “Twitter for Bad,” I picked it up, read the reviews and figured that this would be as good of a start as anything.

As it turns out, Claire Diaz-Ortiz opened my eyes to the kinds of ways that Twitter can actually be used for good, that my initial opinion on the medium was obviously flawed and that I could actually use Twitter for, as she puts it, a “force for good.” I was a convert of sorts.

He book lays downs a pretty simple framework for utilizing  and engaging the Twitter community. She calls this framework: TWEET

  • Target
  • Write
  • Engage
  • Explore
  • Track

So am I a Twitter God now that I have been using her framework for a little over two months? Not exactly, but I have definitely made some headway in understanding how to use it in a way that allows me to effectively communicate my message and to some extent promote my cause. And as a Twitter newbie that is all I can as for. And as far as I am concerned, you should check it out too.

Also available on the Kindle.