The Aperture Project is the culmination of a lifetime of personal exploration, a number of what some people may believe have been poor decisions and ultimately a moment of clarity. Throughout my life I have been told things like my past is not my future, live in the present and that the very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. It is these very statements that eventually led me to take action on an idea that I came up with while attending a personal development class a few years back from dating and marketing guru David Deangelo aka Eben Pagan. A basic desire to become a better person and to make myself more desirable to a future life partner sparked a instant of clarity and compelled me to raise my hand when David asked for volunteers to come up to the stage.

Becoming Mr. Right Seminar

Attending 'Becoming Mr. Right' seminar by David Deangelo

In front of 400 other men, what started out as a simple but shaky idea about helping children, through a medium that has played a huge role in my life, was within a few minutes of facilitation transformed into a goal that was not only clear but attainable. It was this experience combined with the encouragement and assistance of my friends and family that I happily say that The Aperture Project, a project that will open the eyes and minds of young people, has come to fruition. As we continue to make this dream a reality, please follow us here on our blog, twitter and facebook to watch us grow. Without you, our supporters, we couldn’t make this happen. Thank you!